At GWD Forestry, we offer a free matching facility that enables investors the possibility to liquidate their investments prematurely, should they find themselves in financial difficulty for any reason. Typically, forestry is an illiquid investment, meaning that your capital is tied up in the investment until the point of harvest. However, GWD understand that sometimes events and circumstances occur that are beyond investor's control, and assistance may be needed in order to raise quick capital.

GWD will offer your existing investment back onto the open market, by advertising units on this site. We would then broker a deal, free of charge, between the client and the potential purchaser of the allocation, with the ultimate sale price of the unit being decided by the existing client, under professional direction from your designated Account Manager.

Units may be placed on the exchange after 3 years of holding the investment, and you can see examples of the currently available units that are already on offer, here. If you have held your position for at least 3 years and you are in need of liquidating your holding, please contact your Account Manager, who will be happy to assist you.